Especially on the 27 th floor of our executive floor, you may find the respective room styles with the mixture of renovation of the Old and the New based on the Kunming historic events and scenes and these styles are greatly updates the traditional point of views of hotel designing.

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Executive Single

    "Fan Hua Shen Chu" connects to "Liu Jin Sui Yue". Design elements of "Liu Jin Sui Yue" are the urban scenes and customs of Kunming at the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China seen in black and white photos one hundred years ago. "Fan Hua Shen Chu" records the growing Kunming during over ten years from 1980s to the end of 1990s. We are living in the city, and in our memory stay the development and prosperity of the city. Guestrooms of "Fan Hua Shen Chu" use words, pictures, and props to express the localized atmosphere of the executive floor and to recall the past days of Kunming. The decorations, paintings, and commodities used in the corridors and guestrooms are themed by "Fan Hua Shen Chu". The room design using a home style takes into the consideration of the emotions for the past days and culture of Kunming, giving prominence to delicacy and grace. The rooms are designed and functions allocated in a rational and scientific way. The toilet is larger with dry and wet area divided. Scientific elements are used in space and details design to maximize the humanistic, specialized, and comfortable impressions.

Executive Guest Service
☆ Private check—in and check—out of the Executive Lounge counter.
☆ Offer welcome fruits in guest room.
☆ Happy hours at the Executive Lounge (15:00--16:30).
☆ Complimentary pressing of one piece of clothes or trousers. 
☆ late check—out to 15:00.
☆ Complimentary of meeting room of the Executive Lounge for 1hour each stay.

Executive View Suite